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Last Day of Summer Animated Short Film (2023)
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Last Day Of Summer

Passion Project

Director: Henry He

Co-Director: Brendan Foo-Fat 

Compositor: Joshua Maikawa

Sound Design: Vladimir Lévéque

Animators: Henry HeBrendan Foo-Fat 

FX Animators: Ryan Maman, Michelle Lepine

Layout ArtistsEmanuel Ortiz-Garcia, Henry He, Isabelle Stuetz, Lizette Micah, Michelle Lepine

Character Designers: Emanuel Ortiz-Garcia, Lizette Micah

Storyboard Artists: Brendan Foo-Fat 

Concept Artists: Emanuel Ortiz-Garcia

3D Artists: Cristian Cabrera, Gillian Xu

Compositors: Patrick Macadat


Toronto Independent Film Festival of Cift Award Winner 2024

Couch Film Festival Award Winner 2024

Children Cinema Awards (CCA) Official Selection 2024


Run Time: 1:05 min

It's the last day of summer, but for Ollie, this means one more day of adventurous quests with his magical weapon- and he will make it the best, last day ever!


L.D.O.S. is a coming-of-age, adventure short film created by 12 creatives as a passion project. Being the Director, I oversaw all areas of the production and made sure the style and story were consistent throughout. 

Last Day of Summer Poster.jpg

Design by: Lizette Micah 

Design by: Emanuel Ortiz-Garcia

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