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HIGHTAIL - Short Film
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Directors: Michelle Lepine, Sora Yi, Henry He, Max Jayzeh, Dennis Kim, Alia Metke, Sieun Lee,Alex Cote, Allyssa Clemente, Delaram Majdzadeh, Larrisa Rozsi-Sudek, Jill Pinkney, Sean McAllister

Composer: William "Dim Widdy" Collins


Indie Short Fest Best Student Award 2020

Official Selection Venice Short 2020

Run Time: 4:54 min

A superstitious cat, Jitters seeks out for help on Friday the 13th in hopes of avoiding his bad luck.


HighTail is a comedic hybrid short film created by LuckyStudio13. Being the DESIGN supervisor, I was in charge of managing the action sheets, keeping character on model, providing character rotation sheet along with assisting in layout, background painting, animation and compositing.

Character Rotation of Crow design. Character design. Henry He
Prop Design Sheet for the film HighTail. Cartoon Prop Design. Henry He
Crow Action Sheet for the film HighTail. Character Design. Henry He
Layout design of interior Madam Divine fortune teller shop. Layout artist Henry He
Coloured layout for student film High Tail. Henry He
Hightail Layout design and coloured. Interior of Mirror shop. Henry He
HighTail Layout for Student Film. Green and Pink Background painting by Henry He
Coloured Layout for student film HighTail. Orange sky by Henry He
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